Change Makers Motto

 Delivering Results for Our Communities 

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Change Makers PAC is a political organization develop by a group of Small Business community leaders around the South East Louisiana region. Our main focus is to impact change by building local  Louisiana communities through Economic Development and  Franchise Business ventures. 

We believe that the only way you can create change in your community is by taking an active role in it. When you are a small business owner you are a pillar and backbone for your community. Your restaurant, bank, local store, gas station, auto repair shop are the branding that makes your community great. We really believe that Small businesses helps to make communities  vibrant and engaging.


Our mission for creating this PAC is to support local.,state, and federal candidates who have the same agenda as our organization. We focus on endorsing candidates who are passionate about helping there communities as we are. We understand that we can't achieve this vision alone. It will take a team effort to revitalize our communities, cities and Parishes. Help us by Joining the Fight Today!!!!!

Leonard Lucas III